Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Isengard WIP

Just for the sake of something different, made a start on a HOTT Isengard army using 1/72 plastic figures from Red Box. So far consists of:

Fire Demons. Decided to go weird with these and gave them metallic trim, one brass, the other bronze; either Behemoths or Beasts:
War Trolls, again either Behempths or Beasts;
Knight General @ 2AP
Warg Riders 2 @ 2AP
Magician @ 4AP

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


More elements added using left over figures from first time around:
2xClan Rat Hordes;
2xJezzail Shooters;
Gutter Runner Warband;

Bit of a disaster with these; after spending ages on them, matt sprayed them on a humid day and lo and behold, cloudy varnish! As the paint job is protected by a coating of Johnson’s ‘Klear’ it wasn’t a reaction with the paint or wash used. "Oh bother" I said. Thought 24 hours in a warm airing cupboard might do some good. Nope, didn’t. Absolutely unwilling to repaint them, did a touch up as far as I could. After all they are rats, so wouldn't be pristine, would they?
The army arrayed.
Throt the Unclean (blade general) with Ratangian Guard (blades) guarding the stronghold.
Lord Skrolk (Hero)
The Grey Seer (Magician).
Rat Ogres (beasts).
Warp fire thrower (artillery),
Jezzails (shooters).
Gutter runners (warband).
Clan rats (hordes).
Doom Wheel (behemoth) large and heavy on a 60x120mm base.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Undead Legion

Combined the two to form a new Undead Legion army.
Knight General; Death and Pestilence:
Magician; Necromancer:

Behemoth; Creature from the Pit:
Lurker Ghoul and Sneaker Ghost:

Knights; Famine and War, Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Riders:

Riders;  Skeleton Riders;

Beasts; Warhounds and Hellhounds:
Fliers; Giant Bats and Kotongi Demons:
Hordes; Skeleton Warriors: